Mojito Water

I’ve just come home from night shift and (surprise surprise) I’m tired… Most mornings, my wonderful hubby is home to look after FJ while I take a much needed kip, but alas, today he is working an AM shift. Which means I must face energy incarnate in a semi-zombified state.

In an attempt to wake myself up and begin each day in the best way possible, I try to kick things off by making a big pitcher of lemon and mint water and drinking a decent sized glass first thing. This is especially necessary when I’m feeling ‘slightly fatigued.’ Like today. Drinking warm lemon water has sooo many benefits; it flushes out toxins, clears the skin, cleanses the liver, detoxes the body, boosts the immune system and freshens the breath – just to name a few!


Now, on a weird note, I am not a ‘thirsty’ person. I rarely feel like I need to guzzle down a litre of water because I’m parched… Nope. Instead, I almost schedule regular drink sessions throughout the day because I know my body needs it. In this way, making up a pitcher is fantastic for people like me, because I can see how much I’m drinking (or on naughty days – not drinking)!

The water should be purified and warm, as cold water takes a lot more energy to process. I simply cut up half a lemon (organic if possible on account of the skin hanging out in the water), grab some mint from the veggie garden (you don’t have to add this but I think it creates water reminiscent of a mojito – always a good thing), and muddle them together at the bottom of a jug. Then, you just add the water and sip away at it throughout the day! So simple and yet so good.


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