Sifting Through ‘Superfoods’

I was talking to my friend Krystina the other day and she asked me to write a post about superfoods, explaining (with that loveable, exasperated look on her face) that she simply doesn’t know where to start! Sometimes, there are so many products out there claiming to be life enhancing, amazing things that we become overwhelmed and put them all in the too-hard-basket.

So what are the gems amidst the SEA of bits and pieces lining the shelves of organic/health food stores? Here are my top 5 personal favourites!


  1. Algae Plants: Spirulina and Chlorella
    These amazing superfoods are incredibly high in chlorophyll (you can read more about that wondrous substance here), plant-based protein, omega-3, iron and calcium as well as an array of vitamins and minerals. They are also powerful detoxifiers, with chlorella in particular binding with heavy metals and helping to remove them. You can buy these in powder form and add them to a juice or smoothie or, if you think the pond-scum flavour might be too much to handle, go for the capsule or tablet option!

    Roasted Cacao Beans

  2. Raw Cacao
    Raw cacao is crazy rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect your nervous system, reduce the signs of ageing and guard against toxins and free radicals. It lowers your risk of nasties like blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular disease and comes jam-packed full of minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc. Cacao improves cardiovascular health, boosts your mood and gives you energy… And it isn’t hard on the taste buds either!


  3. Maca Powder
    This Peruvian treasure is a great addition to smoothies and bliss balls! It’s high in vitamins B, C and E, as well as magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc, and helps to balance hormones and increase fertility (it also increases libido, which is quite fitting!). Maca is high in protein, provides plenty of amino acids and boosts energy levels, strength and stamina. I think it tastes yummy too.


  4. Sea Veggies
    Sea vegetables like nori, wakame, arame, kombu and dulse carry high levels of iron along with some vitamin C, which helps with iron absorption – thus, a winning combination! They are also a great source of iodine, manganese, vitamins A, B2 and C and they contain a very long list of minerals, which you can check out here! Finally, sea veggies improve cardiovascular health and thyroid function, while boosting the immune system and decreasing the risk of cancer. I like to make quinoa sushi with nori and sprinkle dulse flakes over my salad bowls!


  5. Goji Berries
    Goji berries are chock-full of nutrients! They contain bucket-loads antioxidants and minerals, 18 different amino acids and vitamins C and E. They’ve been used in Chinese medicine for quite some time to treat the eyes, kidneys and liver while contributing to overall strength and longevity. I think goji’s taste a little strange to snack on solo, but put in a yummy homemade muesli (recipe to follow!), trail mix, bicky or slice they are really delicious!

One thought on “Sifting Through ‘Superfoods’

  1. If i were starting out on this journey, as a tired mum, what i would also find really hepful is a list of where you would recommend actually buying some of these great things (and which brands are best/cheapest). Over the past few years i’ve worked out a list which of bits and pieces. Generally if you live in a major city, Online I’ve found is usually much cheaper than walking into a health food shop. I get 1kg bags of raw cacao from ‘loving earth’ (their ebay site is cheaper than their actual website!) I also got my spirulina on special from chemist warehouse (that was unexpected discovery) but i’ve also been pleasantly surprised that between coles and woolies, you can get some good things there too. Eg. Coles have better and cheaper chia seeds than woolies. Anyway, maybe it’s an idea for a future blog post 🙂

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