How it all began…

I very much like the idea of balance in life. Sadly, however, I’ve never been particularly great with creating it. All work, no play. All play, no work. Smashing an entire family size box of Favourites (in my defense I ASSUMED others were eating from the box. They weren’t). Counterbalanced by eating only salad the following day. Boo… Classic Courts.


 Some important facts about me: I love God, I love people and I love food. In the past, I have had a tendency to be a little ‘all or nothing’ in each of these areas. Not a super helpful way to operate. SO… These days, I’m attempting to find a more healthy balance because I’m aware that how I feel emotionally – nay how I LIVE & INTERACT WITH THIS WORLD – is determined (for better or worse) by whether or not I am keeping my relationships with God, people and food sweet!

Although God and people are at the top of this list of priorities, for a large portion of this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts on FOOD. I would have loved to be a nutritionist in another life. I love learning about health and well-being so much – can’t describe… And anyone who knows me has probably heard me yapping away about activated nuts, soaking grains, fermented veggies and the like. In fact, the main reason for starting this blog is to collate some recipes and thoughts for those friends (you know who you are) that have actually been interested in said yapping!

Just over a year ago I was heavily pregnant with my best and most favourite little man – Frederick. And I’m pretty sure I was addicted to sugar (don’t you dare roll your eyes – you should have seen me in action) which really worried me because I’d heard about the various adverse affects of this for the baby. I wanted to make a change for my own sake, but thinking about what I might be doing to Freddy was even more highly motivating. So, I started using the google machine to do some research and soon stumbled upon Sarah Wilson’s blog. Well. I sat and soaked in as much information as I could for the better part of an afternoon! Then I went for a walk, got some fresh air and decided to quit eating sugar. I remember it very clearly (not just because I took a photo to commemorate the occasion and popped it up on Instagram – as you do) but because I felt like this is what my body had needed for sooo long. Something that might actually stick and help me to control my frenzied binges, cravings and overeating habits.


It’s now been a year since I quit sugar,along with a few other noteworthy nasties, and let me just say that it was nowhere near as difficult as I imagined to give up (probably because I still have dessert nearly every night – #yolo). My body recovered well after Freddy was born, and actually, I feel better than I have in years. I CAN’T WAIT to begin sharing some of the recipes and findings from my adventure so far with you!!!

Love from a happy heart and tum, Courts xxx


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