The Most Scrumptious Creamy Tahini Dressing!

I am not exaggerating when I say that we go through a jar of tahini every. single. week. here at the Elkins mansion. It is one of my best and most FAVOURITE things (to eat) in the world!


I put it on sprouted toast with turmeric and salt, I add it to smoothies, I put lashings of it over miso spread on rice cakes, I dip figs and banana into it, I put dollops of it on pancakes, pizza, salad… You name it, I’ve probably put tahini on it. Continue reading


The Green Smoothie

Some time ago – never mind how long precisely – I found myself bombarded with talk (and posts) of green juices and smoothies. I wondered if this was just a trend, and not actually as all-important for our health as some were making it out to be, but – being the food/health lover that I am – I looked further into the green revolution. And jumped right on board!

Nowadays, I kick off most mornings with a green juice or smoothie, and I must say I really enjoy the ritual. In fact, the whole family shares a pitcher – my one year old Freddy is the latest addition to the craze… As soon as we pour the green goodness into our glasses, he starts hanging off us – howling with a pitiful fake cry until he has successfully acquired a bright green moustache.

 dark-green-leafy-vegetables-in-colander-elena-elisseeva Continue reading

Salted Choc-Orange Bliss Balls and a Word About Sugar

These bliss balls are like healthy versions of truffles! Rich with sweet jaffery goodness and buttery soft – they go down a treat with an almond milk chai tea or latte – and they are incredibly easy to put together!


I make some version of these little gems every week, because I know that around¬† three o’clock every day I’m going to want me some afternoon tea… And munching away on one or two bliss balls (ok, so maybe I don’t always stop at that) not only satisfies my sweet cravings, but gives me a boost of energy and keeps me full until dinner time! Continue reading