Checking In!

As I have mentioned before, there is a regular pattern in my life wherein I do too much all at once and then, well… crash!

This afternoon, I’m checking in – keeping it real, if you will, to admit that I am teetering on the edge. I am spent, and ready for a holiday! Fiji would do the trick… Anyway, I digress.

It has been a full on few weeks; there’s been first birthday prep, sleepless nights (thanks to YOU hot weather…), spring cleaning, one too many sweet binges – albeit the healthy variety – and, on an incredibly sad note, the funeral of someone young and wonderful. Does anyone else find grief to be physically draining as well as emotionally?

Just one of those months where it is both raining and pouring. You know what I’m talking about. I feel like I am just staying afloat rather than moving forward… But I like moving forward so much better!!! Continue reading


Flourless Two Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

I have a problem. My sweet tooth is arguably the worst case the world has ever seen…

Thus, after quitting sugar, I had to become somewhat creative in the sweets department. There have been some mishaps. Epic fails some might say. But this chocolate mug cake is most assuredly not one of them!!! It is, in fact, up there with my most favourite recipes! It’s quick, easy and delicious – and fills my gigantic dessert void – while being healthy nuff for breakfast!

They make a regular appearance on my table, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have (many, many, many, many, many times). Continue reading

The Real Deal: Superkraut

Back in the good old days when people lived off the fat of the land, wore fancy clothes and made deep dish pies and homestyle fried chicken, lacto-fermented veggies were as common as muck.

Jars as far as the eye could see filled with preserved cucumbers, cabbage, beetroot, radish, carrot – you name it! And all without the use of canning machines or freezers.

Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions (GREAT read) is a huge proponent of fermenting various fruits and veggies with the help of lactic acid because of its many benefits. Here is an excerpt from her website ( Continue reading

Turkish Veggie Pizza

This pizza is a midweek FAVOURITE! And, for reasons I will explain in another post, I have been cutting down on my dairy and meat intake, so… it’s also vegan.

photo (6)

Now, before you opt out (because you think anything without cheese is weird and gross – like me), please listen when I say that this recipe is delicious! And if I can convince my ‘normal-food-loving’ mama Debbie to try it, I can (hopefully) convince you. Continue reading

Mojito Water

I’ve just come home from night shift and (surprise surprise) I’m tired… Most mornings, my wonderful hubby is home to look after FJ while I take a much needed kip, but alas, today he is working an AM shift. Which means I must face energy incarnate in a semi-zombified state.

In an attempt to wake myself up and begin each day in the best way possible, I try to kick things off by making a big pitcher of lemon and mint water and drinking a decent sized glass first thing. This is especially necessary when I’m feeling ‘slightly fatigued.’ Like today. Drinking warm lemon water has sooo many benefits; it flushes out toxins, clears the skin, cleanses the liver, detoxes the body, boosts the immune system and freshens the breath – just to name a few!


Now, on a weird note, I am not a ‘thirsty’ person. I rarely feel like I need to guzzle down a litre of water because I’m parched… Nope. Instead, I almost schedule regular drink sessions throughout the day because I know my body needs it. In this way, making up a pitcher is fantastic for people like me, because I can see how much I’m drinking (or on naughty days – not drinking)! Continue reading

How it all began…

I very much like the idea of balance in life. Sadly, however, I’ve never been particularly great with creating it. All work, no play. All play, no work. Smashing an entire family size box of Favourites (in my defense I ASSUMED others were eating from the box. They weren’t). Counterbalanced by eating only salad the following day. Boo… Classic Courts.


 Some important facts about me: I love God, I love people and I love food. In the past, I have had a tendency to be a little ‘all or nothing’ in each of these areas. Not a super helpful way to operate. SO… These days, I’m attempting to find a more healthy balance because I’m aware that how I feel emotionally – nay how I LIVE & INTERACT WITH THIS WORLD – is determined (for better or worse) by whether or not I am keeping my relationships with God, people and food sweet! Continue reading