Checking In!

As I have mentioned before, there is a regular pattern in my life wherein I do too much all at once and then, well… crash!

This afternoon, I’m checking in – keeping it real, if you will, to admit that I am teetering on the edge. I am spent, and ready for a holiday! Fiji would do the trick… Anyway, I digress.

It has been a full on few weeks; there’s been first birthday prep, sleepless nights (thanks to YOU hot weather…), spring cleaning, one too many sweet binges – albeit the healthy variety – and, on an incredibly sad note, the funeral of someone young and wonderful. Does anyone else find grief to be physically draining as well as emotionally?

Just one of those months where it is both raining and pouring. You know what I’m talking about. I feel like I am just staying afloat rather than moving forward… But I like moving forward so much better!!!

However, some wise soul once told me to take the advice you would give to your most best and favourite friend at these times, because we’re almost always too hard on ourselves (for some silly reason).

So, I believe this would be my advice:

  • We need to give ourselves an extra measure of grace when we’re in a yucky place. We can only go so hard for so long before our bodies tell us to slow the pace!
  • Take a lie down if and when the opportunity presents itself, rather than doing that job that we’re feeling guilty about because it hasn’t been tackled yet (it is NOT the end of the world if your spare room looks like a bomb has gone off in it Courtney).
  • Take some more deep breaths – right down into your belly.
  • Do something that makes you LAUGH!!! Out loud!!!
  • Go to God and let him give you His peace and rest. He is good. And forgiving. And loves you where you’re at right now despite, and even because of, your shortfalls.

I am going to heed my own thoughts on this occasion. I have already started, in fact, by inviting my family over for buckwheat pancakes this morning! Food and loved ones = guaranteed happy feelings.

Finding balance (or some semblance of it) is a process, and I have been enjoying the perks of regularly attempting to surround myself with good people, eat right, exercise regularly and make God a daily priority. But, when teetering on the edge of a ‘crash’, I think it’s important to just stop for a while. Stop with the thinking, recalibrating, blah blah blah and just rest.

Everything/everyone can wait.


– Howard Thurman



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